Azumashii” Space
Azumashii” means “comfortable” in the Hokkaido dialect.

Written in Kanji characters, it means “anzumashii. As the character indicates, the word expresses an environment where one can live calmly and without worries, and a feeling of peace. When you visit a nice and comfortable place, you unintentionally say “Azumashii”.
All of our staff will work hard to create an accommodation facility where you can relax with peace of mind and feel “azumashii”.



Address. 豊富町字温泉
Telephone number 050-8887-4869
Accommodation charge Max. 2 persons per room
1 night and 2 days
 Basic fee 10,000 yen
staying over continuously
 6-9 nights 7,500 yen per night
 10-14 nights 6,000 yen per night
 15 nights or more 5,500 yen per night