Kabutonuma campsite
Kabutonuma campsite

Kabuto-numa Park Campground is located in Kabuto-numa Park.
This campground is a hidden and popular spot where nature has been preserved.
The adjoining auto campsite is a spacious, grassy site where you can relax.

Reception at Kabuto-numa Park Campground and Auto Campground. Refreshments are also available.

Kabuto-numa Park Campground / Auto Campground
Period of use: May – September (reservation starts from April 1)
TEL: 0162-84-2600
Official website: http://www.toyotomicamp.sakura.ne.jp/

Kabuto Numa Park Campground. It is also popular with riders.

Bungalows in Kabuto-numa Park Campground.

兜沼 2

Auto campsite parcel site. A place with a view of the swamp is recommended.

A rare draft beer is also available at the campground.

Kabuto Numa Park Campground is surrounded by nature.

Plot with an auto campsite kitchen.

A popular cottage in an auto campsite.

Basic infomation

Address. Kabuto-numa, Toyotomi-cho