Yuagari pudding

It’s filled with Sarobetsu milk and whipped cream
A rich and refreshing white pudding with a rich aftertaste. In addition to the plain
There are a variety of flavors to choose from depending on the mood of the day.

Manufacturing and sales source:  Kawashima Ryokan
Sales location: Kawashima Ryokan, Toyotomi-cho Tourist Information Center

Toyotomi Milk and Honneri Yokan

Milk adzuki bean jelly kneaded with Sarobetsu milk and red beans from Hokkaido.
Honneri Yokan is used. There is also a cosmetic box that holds three bottles of yokan.
It makes a great gift.

Selling agency:  Machizukuri Abundance
Sales locations: Toyotomi-cho Tourist Information Center, 

Toyotomi Catalana

Catalana is made with plenty of fresh cream from Toyotomi‐cho.
Bitterly bitter crispy caramel and rich cream
The flavor is exquisite.

Manufactured by: Harapeco mucca
Sales locations: Toyotomi-cho Tourist Information Center, New Onsenkaku Hotel

Toyotomi butter sand

Cocoa biscuits with buttercream made with sarobetsu milk
It is a butter sandwich with a special flavor. The package is also cute!
It is recommended as a souvenir.

Selling from: milk Café & zakka ferme

Toyotomi milk soft serve ice cream

The owner, who is also a dairy farmer, is particular about the taste of soft ice cream.
Won the Grand Prix at the Hokkaido Soft-serve Ice Cream Grand Prix 2019.
Winning, proud soft-serve ice cream.

Selling from: milk café & zakka ferme
Locations: milk café & zakka ferme,Yunomori Pokke,
     Toyotomi‐cho Tourist Information Center

Sarobetsu Venison

The deer caught in Abundance Town are taken to a factory in Abundance Town.
It is processed while it is still fresh, so there is no odor.
It is low in fat, high in protein and rich in iron, so it is recommended for women.

Manufactured and distributed by: Sarobetsuvenison
Sales locations: Sarobetsu Venison, Yunomori Pokke,
      Toyotomi-cho Tourist Information Center, etc.

Homemade ham and sausage

Speaking of Genghis Khan, it is “King’s Genghis Khan”.
The lamb is thick and filling.
Handmade ham and sausages with gyoja garlic are also popular.

Manufactured and sold by: Sarobetsu Farm
Sales locations: Sarobetsu Farm, etc.

Sarobetsu Daichi Keisen, skin delight

Concentrated water made from the hot spring water, skin-pleasing soap, and other products.
These products, such as the Hadaerushi Cream, are for those who suffer from skin problems.

Selling agency: I.C. Corporation
Sales locations: Matsumoto Store, Fureai Center
     New Onsenkaku Hotel, Yunomori Pokke

Handmade cheese and gelato

Cheese and gelato made with the freshest raw milk from our own farm.
The ingredients are carefully selected and completely additive-free.
Store hours are irregular, so advance notice is recommended.

Manufactured and sold by: Atelier Letelier
Address:Toyotomi-cho Fukunaga  TEL0162-82-1300