Ookibosouchi bokujou
Large scale grass pasture

Electric bicycles with electric assists can be ridden with ease.

With a total area of 1,500 ha (about 320 times the size of Tokyo Dome), it is one of the largest grassland farms in Japan.
The idyllic landscape of European-like hills, grazing cows and pasture rolls is a great drive. It is also recommended for stargazing.
The road is full of ups and downs, but the electrically assisted bike makes it easy to ride. rental

The sight of cows grazing on the grass is soothing.

Take a break in the teahouse while looking at the view.

Please look for the reflector only in a dairy town!

Basic information

Address. Toyotomi-cho Kamifukunaga
telephone number Management Office 0162-82-2781
During grazing May – October (toilets are only available from June – October)