Wakasakanai Coast

Diamond Rishiri Fuji

Wakasakanai Coast is a spectacular spot overlooking the Sea of Japan. Rishiri on the sea and the sunset can be seen on a clear day.
It is on the route north on the Oloron Line and is a good driving course.
In April and August, there is a chance to see Diamond Rishiri Fuji.

The view changes with the season and time.

The dining room “House Sand Dune Forest”. You can enjoy a meal with a view of Rishiri Fuji.

This is the view from theWakasakanai fishing port.

Basic infomation ( House sakyu-rin )

Address. Wakasakanai, Toyotomi-cho
Telephone number 0162-85-2345
Business period 4/30 ~ 9/30 (It is not a regular holiday, so please check.)
Business hours 10:30 ~ 15:30